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The reason I created this course is to help student/athletes with their sport of passion. This course can be done outside of school while traveling and competing. Or it can be done over the summer. By taking this course, students are able to free up more time at school and reduce a lot of stress, 

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Earn school credits for skiing

High school credits, used towards graduation, can be earn from skiing. Students can also earn credits while pursuing other sports: golf, mountain biking, swimming, surfing, baseball, as well as any other sport. These activities can all be done outside the regular school setting. The structure of these programs are build around the passion and commitments 

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Earn school credits over the summer

Students can earn high school credits used towards graduation over the summer. Mountain biking, golf, surfing, sailing, tennis, and all other activities can be used towards credits for PE. Students in grade 9 to 12 can take this ministry approved course. Email to get started.

Whistler – A Great Place to Train

Our central location is in Whistler, a dynamic community full of opportunity. With nature all around and countless activities to participate in, this is a wonderful area for learning. Students often meet the course facilitator at different locations: at the Glacier Creek Lodge on Blackcomb, in the Athletes Village, at the Frisbee Golf course, on 

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Water Ramps

  Water ramp training is a great way for athletes to gain air awareness as they hone new tricks. Skiers can practice and get certified for tricks in this safe environment. There are two trampolines and 3 jumps at the Blackcomb water ramps. Contact if you are interested.

Josh Bibby Visits School

Local freestyle skier, Josh Bibby, visited the school in Whistler that skis daily. Josh gave a wonderful presentation to the students of Podium of Life Snow Sports Academy. In his hour and a half interaction with the students, he spoke of his life and his many skiing adventures. He also talked about sponsorship and the 

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