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Podium of Life is a program designed to empower people to get what they want out of life. The main focus is helping athletes achieve their goals, many are future Olympians.


“I help athletes get to the Podium.”



I am excited to launch my mental toughness program, Prepare for the Podium!  This program has two goals: preparing to train and preparing to compete. Rich, deep content is delivered in tutorials, directly to your inbox, and are designed for athletes from all sports, all ages, from novice to expert.

Here is the synopsis:
Sport, just like life, is tough. It is full of problems, frustrations and disappointments. But sport also offers a wonderful opportunity to build resilience and learn to deal with difficulties and come out tougher, better, and smarter than you were before. When you understand that problems are part of sport, you learn not to fear them but solve them. You learn to step up and tackle those problems rather than avoid them or become discouraged. You learn that you are much stronger than you think, especially when you are equipped with an effective Mental Toughness toolkit.

The goal is to successfully deal with the difficulties that sport and life present and learn to embrace risk and discomfort because you have the tools to handle both. You can learn to rise above frustration and disappointment and see that mistakes and setbacks are temporary – simply a problem to be solved. When you understand that mistakes are part of sport and all problems have a solution, you learn to become the super-hero in your own life, step up and save yourself. When you are prepared to save yourself, it does not guarantee a gold medal, but it does build self-esteem, character, grit and resilience. I am convinced these are gold medal attributes on the Podium of Life.


Do You Want to Rise Above the Crowd?

  • Top performers understand nerves, anxiety and fear
  • Top performers manage the pressure of winning
  • Top performers handle the fear of losing
  • Top performers are resilient and focused
  • Top performers have grit to push through difficult situations
  • Top performers are courageous
  • Top performers face adversity with confidence
  • Top performers bounce back from mistakes

Physical talent can only take you so far. To gain that winning edge, that extra degree, and to ultimately “Be Your Best”, mental toughness is the key. Contact me and let’s get started:

Shane Harle





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