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Podium of Life Overview


We started this to help students balance their academic commitments with their passion of sport. Facilitating students along their path to success is what we do.


Success is defined by each student differently. Thus, each student creates their own plan of success. We help students define their path and be accountable to their plan.

Planning, structure, accountability, autonomy.


Athlete Acceleration

Helping Students Accomplish Goals

Student/Athlete Management

Leaders of tomorrow

PE online 10-12

Life coaching

Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers
  • How is Athlete Acceleration different from online PE?
Athlete Acceleration is not for the recreational athlete, rather the competitive athlete who wants to reach the next level. It deals with many of the "soft" skills of training and performance. Athlete Acceleration PE 10 is called, “The Power of Goal Setting and Accountability". AA10 is a free course designed to empower athletes to reach their success through goal setting. Athlete Acceleration 11 and 12 continues to use the empowerment of goal setting from SSPE 10, while helping athletes deal with the mental and emotional aspects of sport. Projects are designed for students to acknowledge, address, and tackle many of the “soft” skills. Projects in both courses are divided into two categories, metal toughness and living like a champions. Metal Toughness topics will include things like, performance anxiety, emotional imprinting, and building confidence. Living Like a Champion topics will include projects on, sleep and recovery, public appearance, and dealing with peer pressure.  
  • Do I have to take PE 10 at school?
No, PE 10 is offered on line where students complete their activities outside of school with sports they love. Your school may tell you that you must take it at school. But this is not necessary. You can take it through Podium of Life by skiing, biking, swimming, golfing, gymnastics, playing hockey, and many other activities.  
  • Who can take these courses?
All students, from around the world, can take these courses.  
  • How many credits is each course worth?
Each course is worth 4 credits, used towards graduation in British Columbia. These are ministry-approved courses.  
  • What courses can I take with Podium of Life?
A student can take most courses offered at a regular school through POL on-line like: math, science, English, and social studies. Students can complete graduation requirements and earn a high school diploma through POL. The two main courses offered are Athlete Acceleration and Video Productions.  
  • Are the courses accredited?
Courses offered through POL are provincially accredited.  
  • Who will be my teacher?
Shane Harle will be the course facilitator for all courses. Upper level courses may have to be delivered by a course specialist like, Biology 12. In this case a specialist distant learning teacher will be assigned.  
  • Who is Shane Harle?
Shane is passionate about helping people. He is a father, a teacher, and a coach. Shane has raised two boys, Teal and Kole, both international level athletes. Teal won 5th at the Olympics and is a two time world cup champion in slope style skiing. Kole professional skier: free ride, racing, slopestyle, and coaching. Shane is a teacher with a master degree in educational leadership, and has taught most public school course grades 4 to 12. He has also run a gifted program specially tailored to empower and challenge highly intelligent students. For 5 years he ran Podium of Life Snow Sports Academy, where students completed their academics in the morning and skied in the afternoon. This Academy was on Mount Washington for 4 years and on Whistler for one year. Shane has coached many sports: triathlon, soccer, wrestling, basketball, biking, surfing, tennis, mountaineering, volleyball, and has concentrated on skiing over the last few years. He has completed all the coaching levels for freestyle skiing and has his level 2 ski instructors certificate. Shane also works as a life coach with adults, helping others clarify and reach their personal goals. He has facilitated courses for 3 Olympians, and 12 international athletes.   Shane Harle Podium of life team member and coach  
  • How will the marks appear on the official transcript?
Upon completion of the course, marks will be forwarded to the student’s school of record. The school will then input the marks onto the official transcript.  
  • What is the cost?
Snow sports PE and Video Productions are free to British Columbia residence in grade 9 - 12. Fees will apply to specially designed programs, and will vary with each individual student. Course fees may apply to overseas students and adults.  
  • How do these courses fulfill graduation requirements?
PE 10 is a required course to complete for graduation in BC. It is offered through Podium of Life where students complete their activities outside of school. BC students must complete a Fine Arts or Applied Skill course to graduate. Video Productions 10 and 11 fulfills this graduation requirement.  
  • Who has taken part in this program?
Many students have taken part in this program as part of their path to success, including 1 world cup champion and 8 international athletes covering a variety of disciplines: slopestyle, half pipe, mogul, alpine, and cross country skiing, as well as mountain biking, gymnastics, snowboarding and luging.This course was used as part of the BC Freestyle athlete development.  
  • How do I get started?
Simply complete and send in the registration form to podiumoflife@gmail.com  
  • Why should I take these online courses?
  1. Help guide you on your way to fulfilling your goals
  2. Develop your emotional and mental side of your sport
  3. Get credit for something you are passionate about
  4. Alleviate time and stress at school
  5. Make time for other courses at school
  6. Improve your GPA on your transcript
  • How does it work?
Once a plan has been created based on the goals of the individual, students complete assignments and report on their progress through electronic means. It is all done in the time and place that best suits each student.  
  • What is covered in Athlete Acceleration PE?
Athlete Acceleration PE, also known as Snow Sports PE is an activity-based course which is designed around the goals of each student. Some see it as a personal development course, as it helps each student realize his or her own strengths and potential. The main focus of the course is physical activities, which can include individual pursuits or participation on a team. The course also deals with the mental and emotional side of competition and may include the following assignments:
  1. Individual Athletic Success Plan – A goal setting program
  2. Weekly Planner – helps keep kids on track
  3. Review and Assessment of Progress - keeping kids on track
  4. Competition Plans – helps alleviate competition anxiety to maximize performance
  5. Visualization – structure and practice of solidifying skills
  6. Best Mental Focus – bringing your mental focus into play during training
  7. Emotional Regulation – addressing performance anxiety
  8. Public Appearance – preparing for interaction with the public
  9. Public thanks – thanking those who help
  10. Sleep and Rest – developing strategies for recovery and proper sleep
  11. Building Confidence – strategies to build confidence to optimize performance
  12. Defeating Fear – strategies to overcome debilitating fear
  13. Emotional Imprinting – solidifying excellence
  • What is covered in Video Productions?
Video Productions is a course designed around each student. Assignments may include aspects of video creations as well as photography: promotional videos, photo collages, law of thirds, lighting, angles, sound, and other specific focuses.  
  • When can courses start?
Courses can begin any time of year.  
  • Where do I do the work?
The work can be done when and where you choose. This is helpful for traveling athletes who are often away from home.
Contact: podiumoflife@gmail.com to get started on your path of passion.